Make Funding More Fair Y’all

Our imperative to rally Southerners for Fair School Funding is urgent: improving student access to high-quality education opportunities across the South, particularly for students of color, students experiencing poverty, and rural students has the potential to propel the region forward and create crucial generational change. We want to work with you to set the table for fair funding for all our kids, especially those who are furthest from opportunities.

Learn and Lead

We’ve created self-guided resources and advocacy tools that can help you get smarter about school funding in your state so that you can effectively advocate for equitable funding for all students.

Advocacy Resources

Learn more about why funding matters for unique groups of students, what model policies include, what questions to ask legislators, and what key finance terms mean.

Funding for English Learners

Funding for Rural Schools

Funding for Students with Disabilities

Funding for Students from Low Income Backgrounds

School Finance Glossary



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Let’s Work Together

We created Southerners for Fair School Funding to help Southern advocates, coalitions and policymakers increase their impact and influence in order to achieve improved school funding. We believe local leaders must have a prominent role in advocating for and securing ample and equitable public school funding for their communities. Through our programming, our experts can offer strategic consulting in the following ways:

  • Leveraging coalitions to drive change
  • Designing impactful meetings, training, or town halls
  • Training on communications and messaging, power mapping and advocacy tactics
  • Facilitating the use of key data and research
  • Development of key tools and resources on model funding policies
  • Connecting stakeholders to funding and advocacy experts and speakers

Are you advocating for improved school funding for students in your state? Southerners for Fair School Funding wants to work with you. Let us know more about what you need by filling out this intake form today!

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